Mount Tabor Schools:

“Give the Children a chance”: Give the Gift of Education!

My Dear Friends,

A generation of Congolese children is facing a future without any education, because schools and homes have been destroyed during the civil War. As we know, Education is every child's right. It helps bring peace, opportunity, hope and normalcy back into children's lives.

Our dream is to construct Mount Tabor Schools in Congo and rehabilitate schools destroyed during the war in the Congo. Your financial Contribution will make a tangible difference to the Congo children's lives. Please, in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus-Christ, “Give the Children a chance: Give the gift of education”.

“What ever you did for one of the Least, you did for me”. (Mat 25:40). You will be blessed when you will freely give your Financial Contribution to these Children. May God bless you abundantly!

Bishop Louis Ngomo Okitenbo

Join Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc in their passion to break the cycle of poverty and transform lives!

Join Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc in their passion to construct the New Schools in Congo:


Mount Tabor Schools in Congo: “Give the Children a Chance”


Did you know that the Civil War in Congo has killed over 3.5 million since 1998? The war has involved the entire Central African region and has received nearly no attention from the world.  The war is claiming more murders than the world knew since the Second World War!

The situation is real. As a result of this civil war hospitals, schools and homes have been destroyed, the children and adults are without benefit of education and spiritual nourishment.  Families in the villages/communities try to escape the fight only to find themselves without water, shelter and other basic needs for survival. 

Although many of the adults in small villages are victims of poverty, hunger, human cruelty and HIV/AIDS, the young children are the most vulnerable ones.  Hundreds of thousands of children are witnesses of barbaric acts causing the deaths of their siblings and parents. 


Bishop Louis Ngomo Okitenbo, Ph-D., was born and educated in Central Congo, the Province of Kasai Oriental in the village of Tshumbe. Bishop Louis went to seminary and graduate school, earning three Bachelor Degrees, one Master Degree and one Doctoral degree. For five years he was a School Principal for Middle and High School students in the Congo. 

Bishop Louis is the founder of Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc. and is passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming People’s lives worldwide. As a man of God he is dedicated to rebuild the schools and orphanages in Congo. Bishop Louis celebrated 25 years as a priest in 2007, a testimony of his passion for the Word of God and his dedication for God's work.

Bishop Louis has in place a three part plan:

  1.  Request financial and in-kind help from employees and organizations. Either through their matching fund programs or individual and corporate contributions.

  2. Request in-kind services from international construction companies to help build the orphanages and schools in Kinshasa and Tshumbe/Congo.

  3. Establish a religious order called the “Gospel Servant” which is in French “Les Serviteurs de l’Evangile” This order will welcome, priests, deacons, and lay ministers.  The priests and deacons will serve in the Catholic Church International and the lay ministers will support their work in small communities in Congo.

We can do it together! 

Please consider becoming a partner in our effort to break the cycle of transforming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty in Congo!

In addition to financial assistance we are in need of:

a) Volunteers for our Congo Schools-Orphanage Committee: 

Strategic Planning Team
Fundraising Team

b) Volunteers Professional Services who are familiar with working in overseas project:

Construction Company

If you would like to mail in your donation, please send in a check made payable to:

Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc.
(Please note in the memo line "Mount Tabor Schools in Congo" or MTS in Congo)
Mail to:  P. O. Box 1356, Matthews, NC 28106-1356

The educational infrastructure of DRC has been devastated by years of conflict and insecurity. According to UNICEF statistics for 2005, the gross primary school enrollment rate for girls is 46% and gross secondary school enrollment for girls is 12%. At all levels of education, males greatly outnumber females. The adult female literacy rate is 54% while the male literacy rate is 81%.


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