Gospel Servant Religious Order


Gospel servant religious Order is an exclusively Missionary Institute of religious priests, Sisters and brothers. Its members are called to go beyond geographical and religious boundaries to preach the Gospel to all God’s Children and performing acts of charity in the name of Jesus-Christ.

Gospel servant missionary commits himself to the International Catholic Church Mission through a total gift of self to God by the profession of the vows of chastity/Integrity, poverty and obedience in the Institute. By following Jesus as a member of a community, he proclaims that God is the ultimate reality of his life and keeps alive among the people hope for the Kingdom and its justice.


We are currently seeking mature adults who feel a call to Holy Orders (Deacon, Priest) and/or those already ordained that are seeking to incardinate. We offer seminary training (leading to degrees in theology and ordination) to both men and women.  


Formation Program: Every religious community has a formation program, which is divided into stages. The Gospel Servant Brothers and Priests follow the formation program described below:

1. Application

The application process begins with the applicant contacting the Vocation Director who will interview him. The applicant will fill out and submit an application form. The formation team will review the application and the recommendation of the Vocation Director and decide to admit the applicant into the Candidacy Program.


2. Candidacy

The Candidacy Program is a six-month to a yearlong experience of living in a Gospel Servant Community. It is a time of discernment preparing the candidate for entry into Novitiate. During that time the candidate will follow a program of study, ministry and prayer, which will give him an experience of the Gospel Servant life. He may attend college courses. Typically the candidacy program is done at Gospel Servant House Center in Kinshasa/ CONGO or somewhere else. The program will begin in September of each year.

3. Novitiate

The novitiate program is a yearlong intensive discernment and preparation program designed to help the individual prepare to take the vows of poverty, chastity/Integrity and obedience as a Gospel Servant. At this point the person is a full member of the Gospel Servant religious Community. The vows are taken for a period of one, two or three years at the discretion of the head of the Community.  

5. Perpetual Vows and Theological Studies

After the novitiate and first profession the Brother is given an opportunity to pursue university studies in a field that will prepare him for ministry in the Gospel Servant community. The term of temporary vows will last for a period of Four years. After this period, the Brother will make the perpetual vows committing himself to life long service of the Lord as a Gospel Servant. The Gospel Servant who is preparing for ordination as a priest will complete a course of seminary studies in theology at the Graduate Theological in USA or in CANADA which prepares him to become an ordained minister.


Formation Program

It is our intent to get the Gospel Servant Sisters who will dedicate their Life to help destitute through MTM social programs.  Every religious community has a formation program which is divided into the following stages.

1. Application

A young woman who expresses a desire to become a Gospel Servant Sister applies to the Community and lives in a Gospel Servant Sister's community. She is invited to spend times of prayer, relaxation, retreat, personal growth and ministry with the Sisters. These real life experiences help the person to develop an awareness of her God’s call. The application process begins with the applicant contacting the Vocation Director or a Gospel Servant Sister in charge who will interview her. The applicant will fill out and submit an application form. The formation team will review the application decide to admit to admit her to the applicant into the Postulancy Program.


2. Postulancy

The Postulancy should be a time of immediate preparation for the Novitiate. It is a time of spiritual growth and ministry experience. The young women become familiar with the life, spirituality and ministry of the Gospel Servant Sisters.

3. Novitiate

The Novice enters into an initiation into consecrated life in the Church as a Gospel Servant Sister. By means of a serious study of religious life and theology, the Novice learns to center her life in Christ, living and learning the Gospel Servant Spirituality.
The novice makes her first vows after the Novitiate period of two Years. She commits herself to love the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience for a temporary period. The Sister freely chooses to unite her life in Christ, giving herself in service of the Poor.

5. Perpetual Profession

After six years of temporary vows the Sister makes perpetual vows. She promises to live her life as a Gospel Servant Sister for life. She will spend her whole life in the service of the Church bringing Christ to the Poor.