Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc.
We at Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc. believe that education is both the key to freedom and the way to transform lives.

The first part of education is to listen to the Word of God. The second part is to learn how to apply those words in every day life.

Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc. is prepared to help minorities and families worldwide who have fallen on hard times, helping them learn how to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives through prayer, the Word of God, and performing acts of Charity.

Where Love and Charity are, God is Always There.

Loving God above all else will always activate a loving act of charity.

"In all things charity" (Col 3:14)

Our Programs
Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc. is answering the call of Christ by reaching out to better the lives of others. Click here to discover where Jesus is leading us to transform lives worldwide.


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Bishop Louis Ngomo Okitembo writes about the Mount Tabor Ministry vision. Click here to keep up with all that God is doing at Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc.!

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Mount Tabor Ministries, Inc.

We are a faith-based, educational and religious organization, a not for profit
501 (c)(3), dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for the poor, disabled, and elderly through community outreach programs and through the transforming of peoples' lives worldwide, in the name of Jesus-Christ.